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UMT-IIE Student Chapter wins Gold Award

Posted by Azeem Iqbal on September 16, 2012 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (1)


The Industrial Engineering Student Chapter at UMT earned national pride and recognition as they were recently endowed with Gold Award, the highest award given to the allied student chapters by the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE).


IIE, founded in 1948 and based in North America, is the world's largest professional society dedicated solely to the support of industrial engineering profession and individuals involved with improving quality and productivity.


Predicated on the students' performance and activities related mainly to Industrial Engineering, strict criteria are devised by the international body to select a handful of student chapters out of hundreds throughout the world. By dint of various activities including, but not limited to, participation in international competitions, conducting seminars, workshops, lectures, industrial visits, etc, throughout the academic year 2012-13, the IIE student chapter in UMT was able to win this award along with top universities in the world.


The IIE Student Chapter at UMT was founded in January 2011. The University of Management and Technology (UMT) is the only university from Pakistan that has received the Gold Award. This award shows how UMT’s industrial engineering program students are willing to help each other and serve their community. Their willingness, hard work, commitment, and team work has brought this important and prestigious award to UMT.


“It is a big achievement for all of us and we will soon be arranging a celebration event at UMT-IIE Student Chapter along with our members. I am thankful to all the members and the UMT administration for providing us the opportunity to show our mettle to the world. We hope that the UMT will continue supporting us,” remarked Azeem Iqbal, Founder & Past President of UMT-IIE Student Chapter.


"It is indeed a moment of pleasure and pride for the UMT student chapter. I congratulate all the members, particularly Azeem Iqbal, for the consistent and tireless efforts in bringing forward our chapter to this level. I hope that the current office bearers of the chapter will continue in the footsteps and raise the bar even higher," said the faculty advisor and head of Industrial Engineering Department, Farhan Daud Qazi.

Oath Taking & Certificates Distribution Ceremony

Posted by Azeem Iqbal on April 25, 2012 at 1:25 AM Comments comments (0)

UMT-Institute of Industrial Engineers Student Chapter conducted the Annual Oath Taking Ceremony to install the officially elected 2012 officers. The chairperson & Advisor of the student organization Prof. Farhan Daud Qazi was the chief guest of the event. The Oath Ceremony was coupled with the "Certificates of Appreciation" distribution ceremony for all the past officers of the tenure 2011-2012. It is important to note here that the old officers are the true founding members of the organization who have worked diligently to bring the society to what it is today. Their immense hard work and contributions cannot be forgotten and hopefully the new team of IIE-UMT will take the student chapter further.

The Ceremony started with recitation of the Holy Quran. After the recitation the past "Executive Director" and new elected President "Saad Ahmad" hosted the entire event. The event started off with a presentation session of Mr. Azeem Iqbal the founder and president of IIE-UMT. The presentation was entirely based on society's mission, vision, goals & objectives as well as pictures from the past work that was done under his presidential tenure. He was very happy with overall progress of the chapter and the way chapter has survived many hardships of the conditions he hopes it will bring immense success to the university's industrial engineering program.

After Azeem Iqbal's presentation the chairperson & Advisor of IIE-UMT Prof. Farhan Daud Qazi was invited to grace the event with his presence and by sharing his views. The Chairperson was very happy for the dedication that students are giving in these healthy contributions. He said that a lot of credit goes to Azeem Iqbal for his dynamic, enthusiastic and persistent hard work that today society is all set to accept new student leaders who can create great opportunities for themselves and students of the program. He said that more active participation of all the students will result not only in the benefit of the organization but it will also help students to develop themselves professionally and increase their networking and knowledge base. He stressed that being involved in such organizations help to attain better international image and lastly he wished all the best to the new officers and reflected his hope that the new team will lead the chapter forward.

After the Chairperson's views, the certificates distribution ceremony was conducted in which Prof. Farhan Daud Qazi distributed the "Certificates of Appreciation" to all the past officers of the organization.

The certificates were distributed to the following past offices:

1. Azeem Iqbal (Founder & President)

2. Kumail Rizvi (Vice President)

3. Abdul Sami (Secretary)

4. Irfan Raza (Treasurer)

5. Saad Ahmad (Executive Director)

6. Waqar Waheed (Program Director)

7. Samad Ahsan Aziz (Membership Director)

8. Hamza Bajwa (Industrial Relations Director)

After the certificates distribution ceremony the Oath Ceremony was conducted in which the founder and past president Azeem Iqbal toke the oath from all the new elected officers. All the new officers toke the pledge to serve the IIE chapter to best of their abilities and that they will keep highest of standards in their profession and educational activities that help benefit all the industrial engineering community of University of Management and Technology. All the officers in a harmony said "I do!" and toke the Oaths of their respective offices.

After the Oath, the new elected President, Saad Ahmad gave a presentation about the upcoming plans that he wishes to conduct under the IIE banner. Saad Ahmad presented a plan that consisted of very important points and were of great importance. The first thing society will conduct now is Internship Programs in which the IIE-UMT is preparing to sign a "Memorandum of Understanding" (MOU) with big names in the Pakistani industries such as "4 Brothers Ltd". He said that the members of IIE-UMT can benefit a great deal from these programs that will allow them to attain better level of professional experience. He said that society will also be arranging, workshops and lectures on specific industrial topics that will hopefully create beneficial results for the members and industrial engineering community of UMT. The dedication of Saad and his future plans were greatly appreciated by the Chairperson.

After the presentation the event ended with refreshments from the newly installed officers. :)" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Click Here for the Pictures of the event

Elected Officers (2012-2013)

Posted by Azeem Iqbal on April 11, 2012 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Dear Industrial Engineering students:


Here are your new UMT-Institute of Industrial Engineers Student Chapter executives for the Academic Year 2012-2013:


* President: Saad Ahmad


* Vice President: Kumail Rizvi


* Secretary: Ansar Hani


* Treasurer: Muhammad Zawar


The new team will assume the officesoon and an oath taking ceremony will be arranged. The "Certificates of Appreciation" will be presented to all the previous officers who worked diligently in the previous academic year to bring society to what it is today.


Thanks to all the students who took the time and effort to vote. Congratulations to our new cabinet executives for accepting the opportunity to serve the IE student body at University of Management and Technology.


This is your society all my Industrial Engineering fellows. It was created for you so that you can use this platform to show your skills and abilities as an Industrial Engineer and make UMT proud of having you as a student.


I personally want to wish best of luck to all the new elected officers and hope that they will work hard to take this chapter more further and successful.


Best Regards,


Azeem Iqbal

Founding President of

UMT-IIE Student Chapter



Prof. Farhan Daud Qazi

Chairperson & Advisor

UMT-IIE Student Chapter

Elections '2012

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The UMT-IIE will be conducting Elections in our next General Meeting, The elected candidates will make up the new IIE Cabinet for next year. This is your Chapter, so make your vote count.


There are a total of 13 posts in the chapter. Please note that to apply for the executive body posts of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Director you have to be a registered member of IIE. All those with expired memberships are also compulsory to renew their memberships to apply for the posts.


All other posts are open for all Industrial Engineering students of UMT.


Following are the available positions:


Executive Body: (IIE Membership Must!)


1. President

2. Vice President

3. Secretary

4. Treasurer

5. Executive Director


Committees & Other Positions: (Local Membership Must!)

6. Program Director

7. Membership Director

8. Marketing Director

9. Sponsorship Director

10. Industrial Relations Director

11. Newsletter Editor

12. Webmaster

13. Social Media Coordinator


To apply for the post please use the following form:




1. Scrutiny and subsequent selection of candidates for all the posts will be conducted by UMT-Institute of Industrial Engineers chapter advisor and co-advisor. Their decision in this regard will be final.

2. Executive committee members will ensure smooth running of UMT-IIE Chapter activities under the supervision of advisors and co-advisors (faculty members).

3. It is compulsory to get IIE membership number for selection on an executive committee post.

4. SST does not force any student to join UMT-IIE Chapter.



Deadline for Nomination Submission is 8th April '2012.


The list of Nominees will be displayed on our Facebook page and elections will be conducted on Tuesday in our General Membership Meeting.


For any details & Information feel free to contact us.

[email protected]


Kind Regards,


Azeem Iqbal

President UMT-IIE Student Chapter 2011-2012

[email protected]



Kortech Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

Posted by Azeem Iqbal on May 20, 2011 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

On 20th May 2011, UMT-IIE Student Chapter arranged a visit to Kortech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. The visit was for academic and learning opportunity. The visit was coupled with a tour of the facility along with a chance to work as an IE and perform Work Study and Method Engineering tools at some of the work stations. It was a great opportunity as an undergraduate student to get hands on exposure to the things that we are learning in our university. The leading person of the whole program was Prof. Salman Butt who is also the Co-Advisor of the student chapter.


Kortech Auto Industries (pvt) Ltd. is a Manufacturer of Heat Exchange related items in Copper and Brass specially Radiators for various applications. Kortech Radiators have been efficiently serving its diversified customers ranging from specialized fields like Agricultural Machines, Industrial Applications, Gensets, Rigs, Construction Machinery, H D etc. going up to Automotive needs. Vast network of Aftermarket sales coupled with Prestigious Automobile OEM sales is the major bulk of Kortech Revenues. We take Pride for localization of Radiators for Defense equipment including Tanks, APC's etc. being produced and exported by Defense industries of Pakistan.


KORTECH is now focusing on increasing its export base and reach out to international customer. Reliable Quality at Competitive price is an edge by virtue of which our exports are growing every year now. Their main products are Cores in several configurations. Radiators pressure caps / Sheet Metal Parts, Sheet metal Parts, Heaters and their cores and Industrial Heat Exchangers are some of their prominent products.


Kortech has an impressive 50000 sq. covered area at its disposal .Ideal Located at walking distance from Pakistan Motorway with easy access to road, Rail and Sea routes. Equipped with state of the art machines for Fins, Tubes, Baking, Soldering etc., mostly of European and American origins, an Adequate tool shop for in house production of tooling. Its raw materials are procured from world’s best sources. Fully equipped Sheet metal shop with presses up to 500 tons capacity is used not only for producing stampings for in house use but also to cater for growing Customer demand of Radiator Tanks in various designs. Kortech has more than 100 tooling available for production of tanks.


Air drying and staving Paint facilities backed by semi-automatic surface finishing line gives longer shelf life. Development department makes use of CAD designing and Reverse engineering techniques for design purposes. CNC Millings coupled with conventional tool room machines ensures least development time. Prototypes are put to tests on facilities available in house like Thermal Shock Testing, Heat Rejection Pulsating, Under Water Leak Test Tube, Blockage Pressure Flow Test, Pressure Cycling, Heat Transfer, Salt Spray Test Radiator Pressure Cap Test Dimensional and Visual Checks

Infinity Engineering (Pvt) Visit

Posted by Azeem Iqbal on May 17, 2011 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

On 17 May 2011, UMT-IIE Student Chapter arranged a visit to Infinity Engineering Pvt. Ltd. The visit was for academic and learning opportunity. The visit was coupled with a tour of the facility along with a chance to work as an IE and perform Work Study and Method Engineering tools at some of the work stations. It was a great opportunity as an undergraduate student to get hands on exposure to the things that we are learning in our university. The leading person of the whole program was Prof. Salman Butt who is also the Co-Advisor of the student chapter.


We were received at Infinity Engineering Pvt. by Mr. Shahbaz who is the Operations Manager their and by profession he is an Industrial Engineer.


Infinity was established in 1994 as a specialized forging and precision machining facility. It is Located in the Industrial Zone of Lahore Pakistan backed by a team of experienced engineers mainly oriented in subcontracting activities specializing in Forging, Precision Machining and Heat Treatment of automotive and general engineering components. Their line of products is categorized into three sections i.e. Tractor Parts, Car Parts and General Engineering parts. Infinity Engineering says it very clearly that


“Designing, Forging and Machining”

Where the idea of precision becomes Reality


During the visit they also showed us their inspection and testing department which was interestingly the only practical department of the entire facility with an Air-Conditioner. This was because the machinery required dust free environment because it required high precision measurement and testing. In the department they perform Coordinate Measuring Machine, Tensile / Elognation hardness testing, Brinell, Rockwell, Superficial, Micro Vicker/knop, Chemical Analysis, Metallography, Ultrasonic/Magna Flux Crack Detection, CAM Profile Tester (adcole), Gear Involute & Roll Tester, Roundness Tester. They have quality awards of ISO.TS 16949:2002, EN ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004. They have a wide range of clients in their list which include Toyota, Suzuki, Daihatsu, Hyundai, Land Rover, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Hino. They also have international clients ZF, Dana, Dimacom, Bepco tractor parts and wells engine management. They frequently perform time studies and conduct 5-S activities in their factory with support of SMEDA. They use lean manufacturing techniques to eliminate their wastes and speed up their processes.


The visit was of great learning experience and enhanced the knowledge and skill. The practical experience that we gain from these visits will help us in the future and at the moment it is helping us in framing our mind.

A Hi-Tea with Mr. Gregory H.Watson

Posted by Azeem Iqbal on May 2, 2011 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

A technical talk on "Global Perspectives of Industrial Engineering" was held by Instutite of Textile & Industrial Sciences and Institute of Industrial Engineers - UMT Student Chapter at Pearl Continental Hotel on Monday May 02, 2011. Mr. Gregory H. Watson, Senior Vice President Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) chaired the session. The session was attended by faculty members of ITIS and students of Industrial Engineering. Mr. Watson acknowledged the involvement of Industrial Engineers from UMT in Pakistan and congratulated UMT for being the "Youngest Members' Chapter" of the whole IIE.



While explaining the benefits of membership of IIE, he anounced that the member students from UMT, upon completion of their degrees, will have the possibility to attain Six Sigma Green Belt certification from the IIE. This certification will have international recognition. He also told that many conferences and student competitions are regularly held from the platform of IIE. Students are invited to submit their research work for these conferences where they will have the opportunity to participate in these events and collaborate with other chapters around the world thus enhancing the possibilities for their professional success.


Pictures of the event are available here

Sanpak (Pvt.) Visit

Posted by Azeem Iqbal on April 14, 2011 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (2)

On 14 April 20011, UMT-IIE Student Chapter arranged a visit to Sanpak Pvt. Ltd. The visit was for academic and learning opportunity. The visit was coupled with a tour of the facility along with a chance to work as an IE and perform Work Study and Method Engineering tools at some of the work stations. It was a great opportunity as an undergraduate student to get hands on exposure to the things that we are learning in our university. The leading person of the whole program was Prof. Salman Butt who is also the Co-Advisor of the student chapter.


We were received at Sanpak by Mr. Atique Tipu who is the Operations Manager. We were seated in a nice meeting room. After a brief introduction of all the students and the Sanpak staff we were introduced to GM Technical Mr. Amir. After the introduction it was the presentation session which was quite interesting.


The first presentation talked about how Sanpak Pvt. Ltd is a joint venture with Japanese Company Sanden and that they manufacture Automobile Cooling systems. With over 70 years of Sanden Corporation's technical, management and manufacturing know-how, Sanpak created confidence throughout the region as an OEM supplier capable of meeting stringent technical specifications of some the world's most prestigious automobile manufacturers. Their customer portfolio includes every Automobile Manufacturer in Pakistan such as Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, Toyota and Hyundai to name a few. Their line of products in this field is MFC (Multi-Flow Condensers), Aluminum Heat Exchangers, Compressors, Receiver Driers, HVAC, Coreless Pancake Motors. All Products and of Sanpak are certified by ISO: 9001, TUV CERT, ISO: 14001-2004. They use Nocoloc Heat Exchanger, Hose Crimping Machine, Automatic CNC Bending Machine and Automatic Paint Oven.


After company’s introduction we had Mr. Asif who is an industrial engineer their and is working for productivity and efficiency enhancement. He presented to us various methods that their team is applying their and how it is improving their productivity. His presentation was of the Process Engineering Department. The department follows 4M as their top priorities i.e. (Man, Machine, Method and Material). This basically comes in Ishikawa diagrams where causes of events are drawn on simple charts but they help get to the cause of events. In applying Six Sigma they are using DMAIC approach i.e. (Define, Measure, Analyze, Control and Implement). Using these techniques they are keen for productivity improvement. Using these techniques in the manufacturing of Alto and Mehran systems they have achieved 15% productivity enhancement. They also perform Method studies where they are doing process study, motion study and total research. They are also performing Work Measurements where they are calculating Working Hours of their works and dealing with them in Work, Time ratio. Using Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing thoughts they are improving their lines and their efficiencies.


The visit was of an intense educational experience and I believe for any undergraduate student such visits and hands on experience is necessary. These things help student frame their mind to understand their responsibilities that they will be expected from in the future. Industries and Universities should combine themselves together where Students should be taken to such places and perform Case Studies then in their classrooms students should be given tasks to solve problems. In this way understand of student can reach up to a new level where not only they are learning the techniques they are also at the same time applying them to real world problems.

Meeting #2

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UMT-IIE is looking forward to the meeting on 13th April' 2011 at 12:00PM. It is requested that all the members of UMT-IIE attend this meeting. Be sure to download the minutes of previous meeting and the agenda for this meeting so that you know what will be discussed in the meeting.

The meeting is of significant importance because the prime focus of meeting discussion will be about the visit of Mr. Gregory H.Watson who is the Regional Vice President for our student chapter. Accordingly this is a very important meeting and should be attended. 

UMT gets a student chapter charter from Institute of Industrial Engineers (USA)

Posted by Azeem Iqbal on March 21, 2011 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)

University of Management and Technology has been chartered with a student chapter of Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE). UMT is the only private institute throughout Pakistan with student chapter of international society for the field of Industrial Engineering. This is now a great platform for the students of industrial engineering to enhance their leadership skills as well as professional grooming.


Members of the student chapter are enjoying various benefits, which include:


  1. Awards.
  2. Books and Merchandise
  3. Career Center
  4. Networking
  5. Online Free Subscription to Industrial Engineer magazine
  6. Magazines and Journals
  7. Online Directory of Professionals and Students
  8. International Volunteer Opportunities
  9. much more....


Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) is the world's largest professional society dedicated solely to the support of the industrial engineering profession and individuals involved with improving quality and productivity. Founded in 1948, IIE is an international nonprofit association that prides leadership for the application, education, training, research, and development of industrial engineering.


IIE is recognized internationally as:


  1. The Leading provider of cutting-edge continuing education in industrial engineering
  2. The acknowledged source of productivity and improvement information via the internet, publications, and live events, including an annual conference, topical conferences, and technical seminars.
  3. An invaluable source of member benefits that include a magazine, professional development programs, an online career center, networking communities, chapters and affinity programs that save members time and money.
  4. The only association that supports the profession of industrial engineering and promotes an increased awareness of the value of industrial engineers.